IMG_1164.jpgI spy with my little eye
something moving
tiny and tethered
it shivered as I
in sync with me

I focused on the thread
that sat next to my head
trapping a ball of lint
how much do we see
due to immense notions
when something minuscule
carries more weight?

5 thoughts on “My little eye

  1. I’ve been catching up on your posts. Unfortunately my laptop is sleepy today, and it takes forever to get to the comments on any particular post, but I felt I had to comment here. I love this poem – I can really relate to it. I’m reminded of Sunday mornings in summer when I was a child, and I woke to the wind gently ruffling my curtains. I would lie there, finding all sorts of things hidden within the pattern of the fabric.


      1. We should always look for those hidden things. Once we stop, they become more difficult to find when we look again. These days I frequestly look across at the sky to find images in the clouds. It makes me feel in touch with my child spirit.

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