Geek brain reared its ugly head
and said By the power of Paxil,
I can complete this task-
must process information!

Why now? Lizard brain asks
can’t we sleep and stay warm?

NO!! We must copy the hard drives
and do MAINTENANCE as we have
in the past. All things must be
duplicated to prevent loss.
You KNOW what happens
when there is loss?

Mac techs talk of back ups
and Time Machine, then they
take the hard drive
wipe it clean then say,
“What! You fool! You didn’t
have a back up?” giggle
“what kind of a mac user
doesn’t have a back up?

I give the death stare and
they shrink into their blue
shirts and move me to the end
of the queue for high end dinosaur
users who save documents like
they’re planning
to write a book.

Can you hear the crickets?

I plan to write a book
OKAY, then you must back up
regularly as if your life depends upon it.
Hard copies can be “mislaid, shredded or burned”
(used against you in court.)

Mine ex wants the power chords from
the external hard drives so he can retrieve my
photographs to use for a presentation
giving me no credit for the beautiful photography
from one of our overseas trips. He believes that
all of my photography belongs to him because
he is an asshole. A lawyer told him it was true, so
he has repeated this to himself over an over again
and he believe that it must be true now.

I’m stubborn so I don’t believe the words
of any lawyer until I see the law that supports it.
Call me a former client who believes in truth,
justice and the American way of covering my ass.

When I purchased these external hard drives,
they each came with power cords. Mysteriously,
mine ex could only find one set and wants to borrow
them back. My gut reaction is to do what I was
tasked to do when I received the hard drives;
store them in a very safe place until I could look
at these documents without a total nervous breakdown,
then make copies on terrabyte hard drives.

I started the process last night and my geek brain
took over. It is an obsessive, controlling monster
who believes in copying bit by bit, methodically
to make sure that there is less chance of corruption
of data and skipped files.

Lizard brain usually
curls up in the fetal
position when Geek
brain is awake.

Just so you know,
Geek brain is a male
booming voice that
scares the bejesus out
of Lizard brain and other
small woodland creatures
likes squirrels and chipmunks.

Lizard brain is now fast asleep
where it is safe away from bytes
bits, megabytes and the terriblebytes
dreaming of chocolate cookie
crunch tofutti dessert brownies with
steaming tea and not a
binary code in site


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