I had my EEG. I see the
neurologist on Tuesday.

I have a new therapist.
He has a clue and a sense
of humor.

I have a new psychiatrist
with a different style
without a god complex.

I have a therapist waiting
in the wings and another
alternative psychiatrist
in case I can’t take the

heat. The new psychiatrist
seems to have given a lot
of thought to the theory
of manic depression/
bipolar disorder, major
depression disorder, ADHD +
anxiety. Well, it is his
job but that never really
seemed to phase most of my
doctors except my retired one.

The gold nugget of the
day was that he believes
that I have been misdiagnosed
for 45 years, since I was
such a depressed little kid.

New diagnosis:Bipolar with
Major depression disorder only
some minor anxiety

and the depression meds
only made it worse so,
I’m to go off the new depression
med to go on a stabilizer
med again and he talked to
me about my pseudo seizures.

The brain is a powerful thing.
When I get stable the side effects
and symptoms might go away.

I’m just so tired. Then we
had to take girly to see
her neurologist. All’s well
in the toddlerdome. She’s
taller and heavier and
developmentally on track
so six months more on anti
seizure meds and if she remains
seizure free then
we’ll get an EEG then wean
her off her epilepsy meds.
Then watch what her brain does.


9 thoughts on “Update List

    1. Yup, that would be good if the diagnosis is right and the medication works. It’s the fact that he took the time to explain all of the different disorders and included me in the process of trying to pin down a diagnosis, which no doctors have bothered to do so far, except for my old retired therapist and my neurologist.

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    1. Self Healing growing brains are what I like. Being such an old mom, I was warned about birth defects and learning delays, but I refused to worry about it all until she had seizures at 9 months. Which as nothing to do with my egg age… My new doc was responsive when I called him yesterday. They are concerned about rashes and starting too many medicines at the same time. Finally, doctors with ethics and a bed side manner.


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