I have coping skills that
make me hard to diagnose.

I will use my anger toward
the (!!($%%%$)
who stole my credit card
to pull me out of my
creeping depression, yeah,
righteous indignation
and finger waving with a
stomp of the foot to prove that
I’m only half functional

Son of a pickled frog head!

I need what little I have to
feed us and keep us warm in this
blustery winter of cold weather and
now I have close to nothing until the bank
puts money back into my account.

I have one funny little check
from the courts that has yet
to clear and I’m holding my
breath til it does.

Every time I get a letter
from the court regarding
anything, I get a bill
three weeks later.

My son turned 18 and
I’m no longer required to
pay $0 for his child support.
Cha-ching that will be
forty dollars please.
What the hell? I just
hate that frickin’ family
court. Can we have a
moratorium on charging
me for notifications for
things I never had to pay.


Honestly, today sucked.
I fell deeper down than I have been
in a while. I called the professionals
and I’m waiting for calls back from
three different offices.

“Look at me! Look at me! I’m depressed!
I’m sinking. Little help? My ball rolled under the car
and my arms are too short to reach it.

Somebody hand me a branch so I can
get dragged out of the quicksand.”

I’m self destructing today.
This message will self destruct in

My self destruct sequence is even feeble.

I ate
I had liquids
I took the new cocktail
I finally opened my computer to
find fraudulent charges on my bank card.

Kick me when I’m down.



Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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