I got one call back from
a therapist just checking
on me and I called

my psychiatrist back about
my sinking depression that
may have been caused by my
new Latuda or the decrease

in Paxil. I think it was
the decrease in Paxil.

So, my Paxil went back up
and I got to add Lamictyl
early to keep me stable.

I’m to watch for a rash.
Okay, I’m going to play
devil’s advocate. What does
a rash look like on dark skin?

Poison ivy rash or diaper rash
Neither of which I can remember
so internet help me out. I’ve
looked some things up
I’ve read some articles about
the different types of skin
ailments, no pictures though.

Kinda like wondering what
sunburn looks like on my skin.
I just tan. I’ve never had a
sunburn. I am not fair
in complexion so I have been
perplexed by this for years.

I don’t go out into the sun
without a hat and white long
sleeved shirts, so I’m baffled
that I still tan through the
clothes. My hair gets
affected when I’m out without
a hat, it turns a dark reddish

brown. My boys tan their skin
without intending to
as their hair lightens to match.
People freak when I call them
my beige children. My French
friend called them cafe au lait.

(How much milk though?)Not so
accurate, unless we’re talking
pantyhose colors like taupe
suntan or nude. White nude
or black nude? Light skin or
dark skin?

I remember the plastic L’eggs
eggs my mother bought through
my childhood. I used to beg
for the plastic eggs to put
rocks in. I remember the
Sheer Energy jingle from
the seventies and 80’s.

Away from that path on memory
lane there was also the Crayola
flesh colored crayon. Now
there is a range of flesh colors to chose
from if you get the massive crayon

Oddities and beauties. Girlie’s
hair never darkened this winter
though she is the fairest of them
all. HA HA HA Actually she and My
Child are most similar in light
complexion. Lighter than my mom
and her mom who died last year
at 99.

Non sequitur aside, I’m weepy
this week. It’s Monday, that’s
enough to make some people cry
anyway. I’ve been reading an
anthology that never seems to

end. Anthologies used to be a
book filled with short stories
by different authors. This
anthology is a box set of books
by different authors and these

books aren’t short, just as I
bond with the characters the
book ends and they want me to
download the rest of the series
for a whopping 2.99 per book.

E-book pricing just went up in
January from .99 to 2.99 and up.
Yeah I know, a paperback books
used to be 4.99 each but at least
you had a physical thing you could
put on your shelf and read later.

I hope the writers are getting
more money since these prices went
up. I would hate to find out that
the price increase had to do with
administrative charges. I will

happily pay for the increase as
long as it is a benefit to the
writers, who get paid worse than
fine artists, but I suspect/hope
they can at least get jobs teaching
English, Writing and Poetry at
schools and colleges.

My encaustic paintings arrived
in the mail this weekend from
the consignment gallery, none
of them sold. Damn, I supppose
I could try to sell them on an
ETSY shop that I set up 7 years
ago and never put any items on,
that would imply follow through
and preparation, plus some type
of brain organization. Enough!

Shut the computer and take care of a toddler who has probably silently stripped and thrown a poop filled diaper (She pronounces it “DI-puh”) at the window. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH!


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