I woke up this morning
angry enough to chew nails
and spit bullets. Sounds kinda
Marvel comicesque but my jaw
was sore (from bruxism) when I
woke up from an angry swearing
dream, where I was arguing with
demons from my past. (Not actual
demons, just people I don’t feel
like naming anymore) This dream
was vivid and included Russians.

Yeah, actual Russians that I sold my
TV, CD, DVD and VHS player to. Then
I got accused of taking things from my
ex’s building-Again! I managed to slam
a door in the face of the ex friends, then
I turned around and the door was open
again and they were listening as I ranted
about them. I took a key from them and
threatened to get the forklift and run
over their cars, if they didn’t back away
from the door. I found my mother locked
inside with me giving me a lecture about
how she believed what they said.
That did not go over well.
I’m listening brain.
Yes, you’re not happy with the new medication.
You need me to call the doctor this morning
and ask about my irritability, okay.

I knew this was not going to be easy, but that
dream was so vivid my face hurts and my
stomach is sour and I feel so residually angry.

It can only get better, right?


4 thoughts on “Morning Angry

  1. Eug! Me too! Except I woke up that angry at my husband for coming home late and drunk and then sleeping on the couch. Now I’m sitting here and he’s pretending not to be awake in the other room! I could spit bullets too!!!
    On your note… Hope the dr hears u out. You will be ok ❤️

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    1. He probably didn’t want to disturb you last night and knows he’s in the dog house. I’ve called the Dr. so I’m waiting for a call back. THanks for the vote of confidence. Your husband will be relieved when you speak to him he’s probably expecting a lecture. Good luck! 🙂


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