After a godforsaken afternoon of chase the toddler,
I realize it is my naptime. Yes, My naptime.
Girlie doesn’t need a nap but I sure as hell do.

“I love her. She loves me. We’re a happy family
but I’m going to lose my mind if I don’t any get rest.
That will make me feel the best”

Butchering Barney songs aside,
I enjoy the new words flying out
of Girlie’s mouth like “No wey”

“It’s nap time, Girlie.”

Her response is priceless,

“Yeah, well, I love you and
mommy needs a break
so here we go into the crib for you.”

Welcome to the toddlerdome!
(That is a reference to the Tina Turner Scene in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.)

I toss in random stuffed animals to
appease the rabid toddler. I realize
now why there is so much fiberfill in
her bedroom. She has been picking
things apart. We have lost three stuffed
bears and one bed pillow, to date.
Why oh, why must my child have
a seam ripper for teeth?
This is one of life’s mysteries.

“Hey, hey, hi!” she yells when she wakes up
from a forced nap betrayal evident in her
tone of voice,”how the hell did she make me fall asleep?”

Later in the afternoon
“Come on…cum ahn” she
beckons with her hand and
expects me to follow her down
the hallway and into my bed crawls

under the covers and says, “nigh-nigh”
as she giggles and covers her head with my blanket
with the kind of evil glee that my Girlie has with a
ponytail poof on the top of her head while she
kicks me with her feet to make sure I’m still
there. Ever wiggling she reminds me of how small
she is and how short this period of time is
in a life that could span a century.


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