I got my oil changed
I visited the podiatrist
for these flat slabs of
flesh called feet
I visited the rec center
rehab place to make
sure there was a heated pool
I took the wrong exit and
checked prices on new tires
four hundred you have got
to be kidding me dollars
after stopping at the bank.

Yes, I can drive again,
but I can’t get too tired
or I fall over then have a
pseudo seizure.

I drove home and watched
Girlie climb into her
high chair and strap herself
in ALL BY HERSELF. I laughed
until tears slid down my cheeks.

After we finished eating
I gave her the longest non
sensical sentence I could
think of for her to say:

“Mommy mahmay
may meh
I ah
get geh
down dooww
from fru
this tih
chair chaier
before bfoar
I Ah
get geh
sores oars
on ahn
my mah
bottom ba um
and an
thighs tihs
from fum
sitting ittin
in in
this tih
intricate incriteh
contraption uncrapon
you you
call cah
a ah
high hah
chair chaier
please? peeeeeeese?”

The Silent Sentinel was in stitches giggling on the floor.


2 thoughts on “daily life

    1. Some things are good, but the time it takes for these chemicals to work cause residual things to crop up like nightmares. I was writing about one and just haven’t finished it yet. I’m trying to be half full but my glass sprung a leak.

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