One of these days I should
try to find out what happened
to the cheesy horror film movie
reviewer from the Friday newspaper
magazine insert who used to have
the following criteria for movies:

(Please forgive my aging memory-
Klonapin induced amnesia of the
1980’s blocks of time are just

Boob count or nudity
Blood count (Ounces, cups or buckets)
Body count
Dumb conversations and obvious
imminent-death scenes spoilers

I vaguely remember this from
my childhood but I remember
feeling like I was reading
something forbidden (I would
lie on the floor on my belly
with my legs up, think bow
pose without any contortion
whatsoever because I was
13 and I thought he was the
funniest thing since the
funnies (you may call them
the comics section)

it was such an irreverent way
to review a movie genre that the
reviewer cared about so much
he only reviewed b-movies and
horror films before the horror
film franchise realized how

much money could be made
from America’s fascination
with horror on film. Yes, I
mean before Jason from Halloween,
that guy with the crazy arms
on Nightmare on Elm Street
and the Scream face mask
character from the Scream series.

Okay, I found him gotta love
the internaught his nom de plume
is Joe Bob Briggs

Why do I like him and why
did he pop into my dream
state this morning? Like
I said before he’s funny
has all kinds of personality
squirting all over his blog.

He’s almost so offensive its
hard to really be offended,
but the man is a writer and
as such he has mastered his
style and it sounds like an
honest opinion.

Why his writing popped into
my head? Well, your guess is
as good as mine and since I
stereophonic vivid sound and
technicolor in my dreams I have
no control over the content

Shit flies, I catch it and
write about it, straight
from my brain to the
computer. Don’t ask
for logic, but have
a good evening.

Good advice for writers from Joe Bob

13 thoughts on “One of these days

      1. It will take three months to stabilize. I’m still on one med the doctor is afraid to take me off and I had a panic attack at his office last week. I saw two exit signs in two directions and I couldn’t move my legs. I kept seeing exit to the left and exit to the right, weirrrrrrrrrrd, not stable yet…

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      2. That’s when mine is always the worst, too. Think I’m going to be forced to go get an MRI. My legs are numb pretty much all the time these days. Just don’t know if it’s from the diabetes or the back. Bought time to find out.

        Liked by 1 person

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