She dances barefoot among
the grass and dew, pleasure
in movement, joy in the cold
feelings between her toes as
spring and new growth arrive
in tandem. Last year’s sedum

are green budded clusters,
this year’s kale are miniscule
seedlings, the swiss chard
survived through osmosis in
fall and winter, bulbs of un-
determined origin and genus
fingers protruding through the leaves
and soil to prove life after death.

The sage unprotected, so hardy
survived the winter though the rue
did perish after the rough transplant
The basil seeds left to themselves
may or may not germinate.

Dear Plato, I wish I could ease
your soul, but heavenliness can
only do that for you. You will realize
you are the beauty within and
without, spreading warmth as
she dances to your magnificence.

A brief hiatus causes thoughts
to raise the water level until the
dam bursts with creativity again.
You never cease to be creative
but pensive as a fledgling before
flight. Keep that and your thoughts
remain pure to those of us who
appreciate that you bare your
soul and reveal your muse.

1 the beauty of the scenery: attractiveness, prettiness, good looks, comeliness, allure; loveliness, charm, appeal, eye-appeal, heavenliness; winsomeness, grace, elegance, exquisiteness; splendor, magnificence, grandeur, impressiveness, decorativeness; gorgeousness, glamour; literary beauteousness, pulchritude. ANTONYMS ugliness.
2 she is a beauty: beautiful woman, belle, vision, Venus, goddess, beauty queen, picture; informal babe, hottie, looker, good looker, beaut, siren, doll, arm candy, lovely, stunner, knockout, bombshell, dish, peach, eyeful, fox. ANTONYMS hag.
3 the beauty of this plan: advantage, attraction, strength, benefit, boon, blessing, good thing, strong point, virtue, merit, selling point. ANTONYMS drawback.
A paradoxical noun because it means beauty but is itself one of the ugliest words in the language. Same goes for the adjectival form pulchritudinous. They’re part of a tiny elite cadre of words that possess the very opposite of the qualities they denote. Diminutive, big, foreign, fancy (adjective), colloquialism, and monosyllabic are some others; there are at least a dozen more. Inviting your school-age kids to list as many paradoxical words as they can is a neat way to deepen their relationship to English and help them see that words are both symbols for things and very real things themselves.
Conversational, opinionated, and idiomatic, these Word Notes are an opportunity to see a working writer’s perspective on a particular word or usage.
See sex appeal
Conversational, opinionated, and idiomatic, these Word Notes are an opportunity to see a working writer’s perspective on a particular word or usage.

Apple Dictionary Version 2.2.1 (143.1)


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