A writing article you might want to read http://ryanlanz.com/2015/08/06/5-ways-to-know-that-youre-really-a-writer/ Go read this then return to my blog, just so you have some context. If you like that sort of thing.

I wish I could say I plan to get up at ungodly hours of the morning to write, but it’s quiet-ish and my brain is clear-ish during that time period, I just pop awake when my body decides to. This article makes me feel that I may have somehow, almost become a writer, though I write things all the time and have for years.

I’m the crazy sicko who likes to redesign office forms. Yeah, that makes me a freak who hates badly designed forms and will redesign them for the hell of it. NO, I’m not OCD, that’s not in my diagnosis list, thank you very much. Some forms just feel offensively wrong. How’s that for a technical term?

When I worked as a super temp, then as an office associate redesigning forms was one of my favorite tasks other than filing large amounts of files in a short period of time. How I would love to get my hands on old mimeographed forms, updating them and digitizing them. Then saving them with an 8 character title so anyone could access it and we wouldn’t have to process crap that was illogical, had crucial information missing and were so faint and purple that you had to squint at the form as you held it in front of a bright light so you could read it.

Like the secret messages that were written in lemon juice and had to be heated over a light bulb so you could read it. Remember that? We didn’t have computer games until much later so we had to make up our own fun from Mad Magazine or the from the backs of cereal boxes, where you could send away for spy kits if you had enough serial box tops. Oh God, I’m old.

Don’t forget I used to write contracts in english instead of legalese that my business attorney would giggle over, because they were legal documents just written by an artist who thinks that legalese can be overwhelming to the average art collector.

This is information that you really want to know about this creature called Amanuensis. Right. Just proof positive that I’m some kind of word-o-phile, though I do have to give super human props to Edward (a mad* wordsmith with the power to clarify life in just two sentences on each post at http://mytwosentences.com/2016/03/05/mytwosentences-132/ )

*My use of mad is defined here. I have the utmost respect for Edward and his craft of creating each post with only two sentences with such success every time plus having a photograph on topic that he takes himself. He takes blogging to a new level. I love looking up words after he has thrown an unknown one or two words at me again. “fusty senses turned tourbillion”

I guess I need to buy a new unabridged dictionary and read it again. No, I don’t mean cover to cover, but chunks at a time. Yeah, I used to do that as a child. I preferred books to people back then. Okay, if the series is good enough I still do. Prefer books to some people, I mean. Though some of you have become some of my favorite people, because you are more interesting than the average blogger with tons of videos that fricken autoload making my laptop talk when I’m in a quiet room just trying to figure out what 15 child stars look like now they are in their 50’s.

Random redundant photograph of the sky

My computer is at 17% memory and I have to go do something. So I will be pushing post then slamming the laptop shut! Who am I kidding? I’ll probably start another post on a different topic. I just found my power cord, tee hee hee!



6 thoughts on “Lemon juice messages held over a light bulb

  1. Loved this post! My name is Shannon and it has been three days since my last reformatting of a form. Ha! I’m on the making amends step at work. ..apologising for calling a form someone else created a “POS”. Awfully nice to meet you. We aren’t weird. .we are needed.😁

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