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“If you were superstitious,
and this black cat crossed your path,
what would you be afraid might happen?”

First of all I’d wonder
how in the hell my cat
got out of the house.

He’s usually asleep on
my bed or lying in the

sunspot on my son’s bed
or floor. I have been the

proud pet of three black
cats since 1992. Two
females (deceased) and
one male (with me now.)

Black cats are awesome.
They love you, then they
leave you alone. They are
not very needy unless you

forget to feed them. Hell
hath no fury like a hungry
black cat. Mischievious,
they look like a black
sweater on the floor.

As far a superstitions
are concerned I have a
greater fear of life
and the people in it
than I do of things

that might happen should
I listen to the hype.

This old post is about my most recent cat I lost to
a semi before I moved.


10 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge 34 — Superstitious!

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I recently got a cat. And I love her! Like you said they love you but sometimes they need to be alone. They are not needy animals. I think if it was up to her she would rather live on the street. She is like a teenager always trying to leave the house, but she appreciates what she has once she comes home after a few days of adventure.

    I have always admired black cats, I think they are beautiful! Your kitty is adorable.

    Mine just killed a mouse and left it on my bed like it was a present for me today. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

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    1. Oh yeah, the gifts thing. Mine over the years have killed and gifted, mice, voles, squirrel tail, birds and kidneys and other assorted animal parts, usually on the doorstep though. Oh, and a bat, that was a mess.

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