Wrestling with the sticky
fingered cheek demon,
AKA “Girlie,” has been
difficult. She is built
like a tank. Why would I

try wrestling with a two year old
you may ask? Well, there was this
EEG that was necessary to find
out if her brain fixed whatever was
causing her seizures. We’ve had

our fingers crossed (and toes too)
and now we wait. Just in case
you have questions about the
process of attaching many
many electrodes to the head of

a screaming toddler as I hold
her down because she was
supposed to remain conscious
but remain still. HAH! They had
me holding her down while she

fought the restraint with all 30
pounds of her mighty might. It
is just like combing her hair out
every morning. My mom says I
should braid her hair at night.

I think my mom should braid her
hair at night then see how much
sleep she gets after waking the
sleeping demon from her light sleep.
If I’m dumb enough to tip toe past

her door, I hear, “Mommie?” as the
little imp can smell me still and is
ready to pounce on my back like a
kitten at play. She has the reactions
of a cat, puma, mountain lion and jaguar.

Strong compact muscles ready to
strike her prey (me) at any moment,
but easily distracted by a ribbon or piece
of yarn or pipe cleaner on the floor.
‘Tis the life of a mother lion and her cub.


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