I was reunited with Stealth Kitty
his psychotic behavior is why
the cat rescue sold him to me.

They knew I had three boys
and what kitten could survive the
affections of Eldest Surly, My
Child and the Silent Sentinel
other than one who was fearless
adventurous, feisty and crazy.

We shortened his name to
one that befitted the attacking
pouncing sweetheart who now
seems to remember me from
four years ago, when I dis-
appeared from his life and he

was unceremoniously thrown
out of the house as well. They
fed him on the porch outside
but there was no cuddling, no
double ear rubs and best of all

no bunny kicking sparring with
my arm, ow ow ow ow I almost
regretted my decision as he
drew blood and marked me as
his property, in addition to my

multiple monikers I am Cat
Woman and felines think I am
one of them and treat me as
such. Sigh, I do love him, this
black cat who was brought

Death Shroud
Death Shroud for College Cat

home to replace my black cat
from college who died of old
age after living with the trio
of testosterone and my ex who
claimed to like cats, but has

been mean to them since I left
bastard, the cats have done
no harm and frankly keep the
mice at bay why abuse working
cats? when they have feline
unconditional love for their

owners, the slow blink that
means “I love you, you feed me”
“I love you, I’m taking a nap”
“I love you, you are impervious
to pain from claws and teeth”

“I love you, have a bloody bat”
and “I love you, you tall cat
open the door and let me
sleep on your bed.”


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