Bunny Ears for Easter! Not really, she just refused the original hairstyle so I quickly braided it as she ran away, so it stood up like the little bunny that she is.

It’s nap time
What is this?
You are two
young lady
you still have
to take a nap

Okay, this is
where I start
to remember,
channel my safe
haven inside me,

breathe through
my nose, slowly.
There is no fight
about this. It
simply is. Time
For A NAP.

The story continues
and includes me
picking up Girlie
I say,
say night night
to the Sentinel
“nigh-nigh” she
even gave the

tall man child
a hug, her little
hand patting him
on the back as
they embrace.

Warm fuzzies
tickle my stomach,
harmony among
siblings? Peace
and tranquility.

She holds my hand
and walks into
the quiet zone
of her bedroom,
then she loses

her mind, flips
and runs to her
play house to
escape the dreaded
nap time. I say
say night night
to Woof Woof.
“nigh nigh”

I wisk her
into my arms
and deliver her
to the safety
of her crib and
say night night
and shut the door.

Obviously, I’m
some kind of
evil parent.
Obviously, I’m
in need of the
nap, but she

has powers to
string me along
with love and
cuteness for
hours delaying
the inevitable.

I listen at the
door as she ejects
all her toys “bei
bei woof woof”and
blankets in
frustration then
she starts to jump,

lands on her butt,
then gets absorbed
in the Secret Garden,
that I turned on for

her before I entered
the room. I have 107
minutes minimum before
she wakes from said “nap.”


5 thoughts on “The Nap

  1. So cute! I LOVE the bunny ears!! I had a little friend about Girlie’s age. She used to say thank you (Gaki) and nigh nigh meant night night. So her mom said it was nap time and Layla said, ” un-uh nigh nigh na-gaki. I thought that was so brilliant that she came up with no thank you. Hahaha!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Girlie and you with us. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Language seems to flow like syrup through their minds while word comprehension is flying like an eagle soars. Thank you for the story of your friend. Girlie says “Tane ki- ku” for thank you. It really means “say thank you”


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