A door slammed and heavy
footsteps woke me my eyes
flew open as consciousness
hit me in the head. The dream

Did I dream the zebra needed glasses? No, its just Girlie playing

of my friend turning himself
into a frog and my arguing
with my mother over the size
of the container we put him in

in the kitchen of my old house
made me realize that I had
been rudely awakened by
my unconscious clapping

its hands and stomping its
feet to wake me in my bed.
I wandered through the
kitchen to my couch and

contemplated writing
earlier than usual in the
chair a sentence in my
head repeated itself it

was important to write it
down before my head
absorbed it in the chaos
of mundane thoughts

I slipped back into a
dream repeating the
sentence when I woke
intermittently. I lost

the frog and found
myself running down
hill again looking for
something I wouldn’t

find in a dream; Peace.

4 thoughts on “Slamming the Door on a Dream

    1. I would assume he liked it, since two women were trying to find the most accommodating accommodations. Really I don’t know since I was so rudely awakened by that door slamming and the heavy footsteps from my subconscious. 🙂


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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