Bunny lonely
What makes you feel lonely?

Sitting thinking on a
bench waiting for a
milk scented cheek
to rest upon hugs
from chubby arms
and sticky hands
I crave this love
that is lacking

I have been
forgotten it
will rain soon
and I’ll be washed
away into the grass
Waiting for anyone
to notice and claim
me once more

Someone had to speak for the bunny.

I am lost
A stranger picked
me up and placed
me on this bench
for all to see

dropped from my stroller
they didn’t notice me as
I fell. What love, what
devotion to be abandoned
even if by accident in
the park. I could be eaten
I could be trampled
I could be lost.


22 thoughts on “The Sandbox Writing Challenge 36 — Lonely part 1 (revised)

    1. Maybe I am lucky but I never feel lonely. Always alone as a child onwards, one just gets used to it. I like being a loner. I think you like to have people around you. Hope you are well and the above is lovely. (love the bunny)

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      1. Thank Calen for the bunny and her writing prompt. I’m a little swamped at the moment with Girlie and doctor’s appointments. Thank you.

        I love my alone time. I just feel a loss when someone I thought was on the same page with me has turned the page; ergo loneliness.


      1. I really LOVED and connected to your Part 2. It was pretty spot on. I’m glad you’re doing this with us. You add so much because you’re not afraid to express what you really feel. {{{E}}}

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      2. Thank you. What do I have really other than my feelings? I cannot hammer metal, I cannot sing, I barely stand, but I mother, feel pain and sorrow. That’s why I write about Girlie. She makes life more upbeat.

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      1. I’m dog tired of fixing everyone’s everything. Only to have no one available to lean on here. I can’t lean on Girlie, though her hugs melt me. My gift. 🙂 This too shall pass, but not quick enough, lol.

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      2. The older my mom gets the more she seems like her mother acted toward her. Gosh, I wish I could get my brain to write that sentence coherently…
        As she ages, my mother reminds me more of my grandmother.

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