and mood stabilizers too. I just got out of the hospital again. This time the stay was unexpected because I could not control my thoughts. This too shall pass.

My diagnosis changed again. This young enthousiastic and perceptive psychiatrist took me off the mood stabilizer and antipsychotic (latuda and lamictal) but added wellbutrin to my paxil. I got five days of reinforced support for my stability issues and 3 meals a day of “somebody else cooked it, thank goodness it wasn’t me.”

I gained some insight into the nebulous world of pseudo seizures. Went to group meetings, met some other travelers on parrallel journeys. Anyway, I’m home.


5 thoughts on “I have problems with anti-psychotic medications

    1. I’m still adjusting to the medicine changes. I’m out of the fog, happy to be home but feeling a little down. Being forced away from home, pushed into an abnormal routine with 24 strangers is like a bad reality show I never agreed to be on. The bear and my mother took care of Girlie. They called me in the hospital to ask for instructions on things. Even in a psyche ward, they ask me for help. Is this a sign, that no one ever gets self sufficient.

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      1. Yep, that’s what it is. When Drollery and I were in Canada we got a call from Bran and Stef to arbitrate an argument about one of them got pizza all over the oven and they needed to clean it out before the other one could use it. They were in their early 20’s!

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  1. Sometimes, half the journey is getting there. The medications are just route markers to show the road you’ve traveled.

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Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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