Life is never boring
Boys will be boys
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt

How can I watch my children learn everything the hard way?
Why haven’t they figured out that their family is a safe
buffer from the world rather than the enemy?

I couldn’t sleep waiting for the other shoe to drop
It fell and resulted in two sons in jail.
My Child has no consequence from the court for his act of passion.

Eldest Surly Reverie may have to go to the county jail
for defending himself if he is found guilty of domestic violence.
My Child, the instigator, was released and went to a sports camp the same day.

Head in my hands and a ball in my stomach
I listened to the facts as they slammed into my skull.
Ridiculous, heinous negligence, unsupervised teenage boys.

Silent Sentinel observed all silently
(What other way would he have viewed it?)
That’s why I call him the Silent Sentinel


4 thoughts on “What now?

  1. I am feeling for you.
    I have two sons and well remember those teenage years when they are silent and defiant.
    And why is it when they are the most exasperating, that you see the face of the three year old them looking back at you, just to mess with your heart?
    Best wishes that all ends up OK for you all.


  2. Thanks for the best wishes! I dream of when the boys are in their twenties and functioning. I just learned that My Child has not escaped consequences. His case has been passed along to the juvenile court for consideration of charges. I’m not doing cartwheels in my back yard. I’m thinking along the lines of tough love and parenting a wildcat.

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    1. I’m okay, but my summer of relaxation with a two year old is over. My baby boy (14) is a mess of pent up-he won’t talk about it.
      Blaming my ex just does not help. I don’t own a time machine, so it doesn’t help to dwell on his stupidity of taking my boys from me to raise by himself. I’m a dwelling kinda gal. Sue me 😉


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