IMG_2509Build a fire
outside of course
Yesterday’s embers plus leaves
and breath sends the smoke trailing
into the sky.

Add twigs then logs
bark, more leaves, branches
to insure the fireball is healthy

painstakingly wrap chicken quarters
in three layers of foil
That should be enough to protect them
from pokes and wood drops

I should not have used pine branches
they tend to burn a bit hot

You know those folks who have a
problem starting the cookout fire
without combustible liquids?
Well, I’m not one of them

I’m a metal sculptor, I use fire
I liked fire before I worked with metal.
Fire is a tool, when used correctly.

So there was this fire
in the backyard
No I don’t have a thermometer
I can’t tell you the temperature

I can tell you that when the
package of foil comes back with
only one layer and feels as
light as a feather and has
a white ash bone protruding
from it. I have burned too far.

We had hamburgers.
I really wanted the chicken.
Everyone thinks it is funny
I have learned to cremate our food.

My Bear can’t start a fire to save his life
He laughs, because he didn’t ruin dinner

I’m a fire starter.
No maintenance skills whatsoever.


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