IMG_2626This dark cloud has me bedridden
stomach burning in response to
my foul mood. Triggers land like
landmines in my head
in my house, in my life.

Betrayed by someone with
an agenda. My lifestyle is
offensive. I have upset the
mowing community by
mowing without gas.

These events cause undue
harm to my fragile existence
Leave me, I will revert
back to nature in time


7 thoughts on “The Sad Gardener

    1. Hey Jane! Yes and what I have in my back yard. This neighbor is a jackass. I’ll call him JA. He hasn’t spoken to me, but he spoke to another neighbor + called the county health inspector and told them I had rats and was breeding mosquitos in the tire planters that I received from JA’s father. Petty bullshit.

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      1. And you’re friendly with his father? Could he tell his sin (typo alert – but I like it, so it’s staying ๐Ÿ™‚ ) to leave off, or would you rather not ask someone else to fight your battles for you?

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      2. His father visits once or twice a year. The son doesn’t even live next door. It is a storage barn with a large gravel driveway. I have no way to contact either one, but now I know who I’m dealing with.

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      3. Every neighborhood has at least one. Too many people are overly “concerned” about what their neighbor does and how they do it. Set one of your tire planters in his yard. Fill it with water. Let the mosquitoes breed. Then when the health inspector comes around you can point to his yard! Well, is not turn about fair play? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      4. Haaaaaa-ha-ha-ha! Thank you. I hadn’t thought about that. I would be giving him his tires back.
        The fun is that the neighors wanted to purchase our house and couldn’t for some reason. Not my fault but jealousy over someone else’s property is ridiculous. I try to be happy for someone else’s fortune rather than wish them ill because I couldn’t get what I wanted. I’m still trying… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your thoughts that made me feel a bit more human.

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