IMG_2756I feel like if you don’t teach children about life when they are young, they learn the realities when they are adults. ESR is 18 now and his previous actions have finally caught up to him.

I think karma is giving him a view of the sentence he never received for beating the crap out of me. This diversion program, instead of jail time is a step toward healing a broken kid/adult after the fact. I wish the courts had taken more interest in appropriate action in 2010, 11 and 12 when he was extremely violent and out of control.

Now we have to wait for a hearing in juvenile court for My Child as the defendant. The charge is the same: domestic violence. This child is less violent, but leaning more toward delinquent in school and uncooperative at home. He will not complete chores, then he expects to be able to go out with his friends.

I’m supposed to pick my battles. I know. He’s just so rude, flippant, doesn’t take the time to listen to directions or take responsibility for his own actions. He’s quick to argue and has learned to pester as a way of getting what he wants from his father. I don’t have much to give him other than freedom, love and food (not in that order.)

He hates being here and blames me for “keeping him away from his home.” I have to tell you, as a mother who gave birth to her children drug free so that their births were life events rather than medical procedures, this treatment just turns my eyelashes white. I have at least three and I can see I will earn more.

In the lobby of the courthouse we sat talking to My Child about the reasons for his unscheduled relocation to my house in the country. He stubbornly does not understand that he caused this mess by not taking his medication, taking his brother’s property, refusing to pay for or replace it, swearing at his brother,
then calling the police when the event could have been settled by a parent who was not in the house at the time, and by pulling a knife on his brother.

I have to stop there. I’m not feeling so well today. This week has been too much stress.


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