we memorized the preamble to the Constitution: introduction, preface, prologue; foreword, prelude, front matter; informal intro, lead-in; formal exordium, proem, prolegomenon. Apple Dictionary Version 2.2.1 (143.1)”

I have a pet peeve. Well, you know me by now.
I’ve got many issues, to be honest. Ha ha
My cup runneth over in that department.

When everything a person says is prefaced by words
to delay the point, I get impatient, irritated and frustrated
simultaneously. My attention wanders and I wonder
if I have always been this intolerant. Can’t I stay calm enough
to hear someone’s verbal meanderings before they get to the point?

Perhaps, I am running out of time? Before I admit to being
a bitch on wheels, I have to state the obvious. I am in pain.
I am overwhelmed. My ex is happy, glaringly so. He waves
and smiles hello every time I see him. It is making me ill.

I am not so shallow that I don’t want him to be happy.
I am so very hostile that he is happy at my expense.
He has free time. He has a near invisible child in his house
when he is home. He doesn’t have to deal with the police,
angry teachers, principals or My Child unless
I drop him off at his doorstep.

You may ask, “Amanuensis, why are you shouldering the
brunt of parenting this child alone? Your health is at stake.
The happiness and development of Girlie is at risk.”

“Man up, woman! Call this chump to task.” Well,
we are not dealing with the average chump. He retaliates
through punishing me and by ignoring his children and expecting
me to deal with the fallout. Hence, I have an oppositional
defiant child in my house and due to the increased stress levels
I am having pseudo seizures. Lots of them, daily.

I am in a battleground with many adversaries.
Some friendly looking, some not. I know the drill.
My current solution is my application for
wraparound services with the county.

The gist of it is: My team, meets with her team, meets with his team.
If his team is incomplete, we find new providers and get the services
in place so that he can work toward becoming an active participant in
the human race. He is a card carrying member of the
teenage troll subdivision of Assholes Anonymous.
Now we think he has a conduct disorder.

When you read the link to the definition,
they are describing My Child.
I’m surprised there is no picture of him.

He has aggressive conduct, deceitful and
destructive behavior and violation of rules.
This Macchiavellian child has no regard
for others as long as he gets what he wants.
I live with a sociopath.

I’m going to lose my mind.
Oh wait, too late!


4 thoughts on “Speaking in Preambles

    1. I’m expecting next week to be about the same…sigh… Being alive and feeling pain are just a part of life right? This is a positive thing. If I couldn’t feel anything, I should worry. Where is my half full glass? It’s around here somewhere. Nope, that was a glass of spoiled soymilk. Still looking. There it is floating just out of reach. I’m not jumping for it, but at least it is in sight. ha

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      1. Well, if you can feel like pain is a positive thing, then more power to ya, girl. I’m a wuss. I want sunshine and roses all the time… But then I do know how strong you are!

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