Sure, I’m still working on the civility
of being an overwhelmed mother
of four who can barely carve time
out of the day to write my blog.

Sigh, I remember this stage.
The squirrelly, I never leave the
house just for me unless I have
a doctor’s appointment, feeling.

Time for Girlie to go to daycare.

We met with her care team
and her transition team for early
intervention services this week.
She will go to pre-school this fall.

Not this month or next month though.

She gets weaned off her epilepsy meds
this month to see if she still has seizures.


I get to watch my child for twitching, ticking
tremors, staring, shaking, quaking.

I’m terrified.IMG_2872



3 thoughts on “August

    1. It’s been about two years since her first seizure. If I stick to her neurologist’s medical plan, she weans off Keppra at the end of this month.

      It would be nice if her brain healed in the two years of treatment.

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