Tingling toes legs knees and thighs
The occasional pulse of pain
radiating down my left leg ending
at my kneecap. OWW

My back frozen in place
is the source of today’s misery.

Wiggling my toes and moving
my feet are the first steps of
waking up my back.

Left leg rotation drag my left
foot back bending my knee
Use my leg as leverage to
lift my hip, disturbing the
in my

Right leg follows the trajectory of
the left as they meet
ankle to ankle
knee to knee

allowing rotation of the hips
bridge lifting the sacrum
just an inch
getting the six foot tall turtle
off her back


12 thoughts on “Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes

    1. Well Jane, you know how life just keeps happening to us all. No need to apologize. I’m overwhelmed and have backed away from things because I am too tired to do much more than cope and feel my spine at the moment.

      I liked your “heart on the sleeve” story. What a deliciously, deserved death. Yes, I know. Shame on me.
      Good story though πŸ™‚ We live our second chances through our writing…

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      1. Thank you – I enjoyed writing that one, and I had someone particualr in mind. It was good to kill him off so viciously, with no fear of comeback, and no blood on my sheets πŸ™‚
        hope you feel better soon, though I have no idea how that will come about.

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      2. I could tell you enjoyed it. I’m glad.
        I will heal a little, then rest a lot. I’ve been thinking about a back brace, but think physical therapy and stretching are probably the best for me. Even if it hurts. Maybe after this is over, I will be able to do yoga again. That is what I hope for.


      3. I need to stick with this specialized attention to the odd parts of my back that are weak. My strong muscles are what distorted my back in the first place. The years I did yoga, kept my strong muscles tight and my loose muscles delinquent in their duty to uphold my height. Once I get past this uncomfortable stage, I can go back to building my core strength, equally. I hope.

        It’s good to see your writing showing the smile on your face.

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      4. I didn’t know yoga could do that – although I suppose any exercise can if it’s not balanced out.
        So,you can see me smiling from all the way over there, can you? I once thought I had forgotten how. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      5. You can even see the gleam! I’d better avoid my two older girls, or they may suspect me of nefarious doings :)I’ll see what comes up – I rarely make any plans about what I’m going to write, it just happens πŸ™‚

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