Arms extended gripping posts
I bend at the waist
Snap goes the spine
my hips relax as I
elongate my vertebrae.

Breathing in
rotate the rib cage
counter clockwise
hold it and breathe out

Anchor my right gluteus maximus
by planting my heel on the floor
(try a half kegel, really)
and pivot my left pelvic crest
down level with the right

Expand my left lung under the
shoulder blade making my
crooked spine straighter
for the seconds it takes me
to breathe in and out.

Inhale into the right rear
lumbar region hold for a
count of six five four three
two one whoosh goes my air

I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis at the age of 16. I was years too late for a brace and not a candidate for surgery.  I don’t mind not having back surgery. Over the years, and after four children, my back has become weak. I lost about an inch in height when I gave birth almost three years ago. My chiropractor estimated that I have about five inches of curvature in my back. It is an S curve with a twist on the axis = thoracic dextroscoliosis, lumbar levoscoliosis with rotoscoliosis.


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