“However many years she lived, Mary always felt that ‘she should never forget that first morning when her garden began to grow’.”


One of Girlie’s first favorite videos was The Secret Garden. She would watch the robin and say “burrd eek-eek-ekk.” I had forgotten about The Secret Garden until I stumbled upon a VHS copy of the movie at Goodwill. My first garden with Girlie was at the little house in my former town. The pop bottle greenhouse in the compact back yard helped me produce sage, cabbage, garlic, onions and tomatoes.

The first garden at our new house in the country was a transplanted garden in pots in the large back yard overlooking woods and a creek. It became clear that the garden was better suited for the front yard. I placed black plastic on the ground to kill the grass, cardboard, newspapers and leaves to create a foundation for new growth. Yeah, my neighbors love me. Then, I collected the leaves from our yard and driveway and a couple neighbors as well. Piled up, they started to compost down to fertile soil.

The pumpkin o’ plenty grew because of that compost. This weekend, I finally had the energy to weed out the forest of pumpkin vines to see what lived below its massive leaves. I found arugula, bunching onions, blueberries, lemon balm, tomatoes, mullein, calendula, potatoes, mint, and purslane.

Well, this has been a not so average day. So, the post is just about gardening. Not much excitement until spring or when I put the cover on the greenhouse and see what grows. Will ya look at that. Optimism for 2017.


Tomatoes, tomatillo, amaranth, onion, kale, black eyed susan, coneflower, morning glories, snap peas, marjoram, swiss chard, strawberries, lettuce and collard greens lived under the pumpkin branches.

“Day Five: Hook ‘Em With a Quote
Sometimes it’s helpful to use someone else’s words to begin writing. Today, use a quote or passage from something you’ve read to introduce your post. You’ll see a similar technique at the beginning of a book or chapter in the form of an epigraph.

You can write about anything for today’s post — the only requirement is that you begin with a blockquote, which you can create in your post editor by clicking the quotation mark icon:

The type of quote you choose is up to you. Maybe the passage is something you’d like to comment on, or is one of your favorite quotes. Or maybe you read a great essay the other day, and one of its lines made you think. If you can’t find one, go to the quotes section on Goodreads.com, where you’re bound to find a line that speaks to you.”


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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