I took a break from writing
and the world fell in. Not really.

All of us had some flu,
then a virus, one case
of upper respiratory infection
and now I have head cold,

’cause life just wouldn’t be fair
without a winter cold.

Girlie is happy and speaking more
I walked into her room after naptime
and I found her wearing a dress and leggings
that I did not put her to bed in.

Miraculous growth and wonder,
She said, “I dress.” I gave ‘
her a big hug and she said,
“queeze” for squeeze.

Little smiley things help in life.

The Silent Sentinel is in a play
this semester, so like this summer
he stays with his father part of the week
then comes home every now and then.

This is not as stable as I would like
but teenagers have activities
I know I did when I was younger.

Eldest Surly Reverie can’t seem
to fight his cold. I asked him to
talk to his doctor about asthma
and a possible inhaler.

When he was tiny, we started working
on our old house, stirring up old
dust from 80 years of coverup
instead of repairs.

The child had a barking cough
that lasted for weeks
it was not croup, it was
reactive airway disease and
he was miserable. He had a

nebulizer with medication
that left him hoarse or maybe
the screaming in the nebulizer did that.

My Child waited until no one was
home to lose his mind over his cell phone
I’m really not fit to wrestle this man child
but I did. Effing dejavu. I’m tired.

As I was grappling with My Child,
I remembered how not worth it
it is to wrestle with a child
who thinks they are the center
of the universe.

Adrenaline is a curious thing.
I got hit in the face
My “face accidentally, got
in the way of his hand,”
when he was reaching for
the phone that he had no business
playing pool on during the school day.
He kept yelling about losing a five dollar
game if I didn’t turn the phone off.

My relationship with my child has
a monetary value. $5

Wow, I knew his thinking was warped
but I had no idea it was that bad.
He doesn’t understand why I’m upset
with him.

I texted my support team and they sent
someone to the house. I spoke to the Ex
and he was mostly useless, another
dejavu moment. I had to understand,
“the phone is his lifeline to his friends.”

If it was so damn important, then he
shouldn’t misuse it during the school day
playing pool instead of paying attention
during his online classes.

I take the brunt of Sir Moodswing
because I can only imagine
how many suspensions
he would have continued to have
if he were in public school.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder
can change into Conduct Disorder
if heavy duty therapy is not in place.

After this latest adventure,
I’m ready to send him to public school.
It would add at least one more
therapist to his team
and possibly a sports outlet.

He says he’s “matured,” he’s not
as “childish” as he was last year
while he antagonized his teachers
and classmates.

He felt his reaction of violence was
justified because I took his phone.

Fourteen is not mature and
he has a long way to go.

Okay, I give.
Time for him to leave the nest.
I need a safe home,
right now it is not safe.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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