IMG_3036.JPGShe leans on me sweet smelling
snuffling in my ear she nuzzles
my cheek and says, “Cuute.”

These spontaneous moments of
words show me that all is
right with the world in my house.

Sure, my boys are teenagers
They have “toddler brain” in
the worst possible way.

I, me, mine, now is the mantra
We, us, ours, soon is my response
Families can’t exist without each other.

Girlie, cups my chin with her little
hand, staring into my eyes she yells,
“Myyyy Mummy!” Kissing me “Mwah!”

Strong arms squeeze my shoulders,
no longer a twenty inch eight point five pounder
She grows everyday in more than one way.


4 thoughts on “Leaning

  1. I just finished reading over 300 poems in “American Poetry — The Twentieth Century” and I will tell you right now, my dear, that poem is better than damn near any of those I read. I only found 31 of them I thought worth my effort. You really should write a lot more poetry!


    1. Thanks Sheldon. I’m trying to live this life of seeing the joy. It took 20 years to see beyond the strife, the work and the pain of learning to be a parent to each of my children. I can only hope that my older boys see that I’m still trying, learning and experiencing… and will continue to try to pass that on to my kids.

      The never ending journey of experiencing life is all we can do. Find a piece of joy in each day.


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