the spontaneous hot hugs from my little germ spreader.
Girlie has a fever, but has had no seizures.
Hacking cough, sniffling schnozz, drool covered fingers,
surrounded by a striped red, grey and cream comforter
and the debris of used tissues.

She has learned to ask for tissues instead
of sharing the wealth of ectoplasm with
my shirt, pants and couch.

She cups my cheek in her palm,
eyes smiling though blurred
from a night of coughing.

Her breathing is heavy with effort
as Grover sings a song on the portable tube.
Her two fingers perpetually corked in her mouth
make a clear nose necessary.

Her toddler smell, once sweet
is musky with congestion.
Maybe a hot bath with a tea bag
of honey and ginseng will help.
Or, lavender with lemon.

I think it’s time for some ginger tea.

This is toddler love.
I forgot how much I missed this.


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