img_3369I’m waiting for winter to begin
It is cold-ish, but a good blizzard
makes Ohio feel like home.

Our weather is blowing all over the country
just not stopping here.
Could I have six inches of snow, please?

My plants are not dormant,
just shivering in confusion.
The sap runs slow.

It’s just not cold enough.
There is far too much green
for it to be winter in Ohio.

Winds off the Lake tells me that I am
close to the body of water that gives
me a true sense of North.

True winter lasts for months
This is perpetual fall that
ends in an ice storm.

Accepting weather change is easier
remorse for lost winters past
gives me nothing.

As long as Girlie wears her pink boots
it must still be winter.


2 thoughts on “Winter?

  1. I didn’t realize the weather had been so mild up where you are. My brother lives in the Dayton area. He’s a courier, and he’s been cussing the snow all winter! 😀 Are your plants starting to come up yet? We’ve got some crocuses in the yard. Way too early…

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    1. We had some hard frosts, but nothing long lasting. We’ve had a lot of rain. Dreary wet stuff with dark clouds. It snowed again last night. Not enough for it to do more than frost the grass.

      Nothing has come up yet, but the plant leaves didn’t completely die back like usual.

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