Holding back the vitriol in hopes
of gaining some perspective
about the teenage animal
My Child.

Wild, elusive, inconsistant
baffling, frustrating, instigating
volatile, persecuted, open then closed

Resistant to reality, rebellious
struggling to find self
losing self when it gets too comfortable
self sabotaging, maturing in his immaturity

This stage of adolesence would be better
spent on an island where he can’t get hurt.
No, this is not a rejection, but a
preservation of their creativity, playfulness, risky behvior and thoughts.

I mean to curtail it all, obviously.
I’m the adversary. It’s my job, right?

Explaining makes no difference.
Requests go un noted.
Agression is taken as a personal affront.

Blue in the face I am sleepless
waiting for the teen to come home.

*My Child strolled in 12 hours late. Testing to see if I love him. I gave him his medication and grounded him for 24 hours. That’s love.


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