Any sculptor worth her salt carries tools in her purse.



When in doubt, weld the hell out of it.



The best way to check your welds is to throw it down a flight of stairs.

-My college welding teacher


The best sculptors all had a trade to support themselves; I’m a carpenter.

-My college ceramics teacher


I think your sculpture would be better if you were in it downtown, naked on a busy street.

-My college sculpture installation teacher


I always thought you would be a painter.

-My high school art teacher

I painted this is in 1985 or 1986.

2 thoughts on “Odd Quotes

    1. It really feels good when your sculpture survives the fall. I have also hammered on a piece of wood on top of my sculpture to test welds. That feels just as good. You know, you don’t need to have a sculpture under a piece of wood. You can just use a hammer, some long nails and a clear place in the yard 🙂 That feels really good. When done, pick it up, bend the nails over using the hammer and put the wood in your burn pile.

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