If only we could be individuals
living in the country,
meeting at town to trade goods
and learn news of the town
we visit once a week.

Sure this news is interesting
not really life affecting.

I’d rather know who was born,
whether we’d have enough cows, sheep,
pigs and chickens to feed the families,
did we dig a new well to drink and cook.
Things of real importance.

Life, death, food, water
real prosperity.

I feel the need to grow my garden.
Waiting for the weather to cooperate,
my seeds sit in alphabetical order
the planting spreadsheet is in my head
waiting for the warming of earth in spring.



7 thoughts on “If only

    1. Yes it has. Thanks for ready Sheldon.

      There’s too much stuff in the way. The personalities scream for attention, when the non-squeaky wheel is the one worth listening to.

      I’m trying to find my life in spite of this negativity. I’m dragging my kids kicking and screaming along for the ride


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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