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I’ve been going outside to test my limits
I can chop wood while seated
move the wheel barrow full of branches
weed for an hour or two

I have modified my garden exercise
to include squatting, lunges
sitting on the ground and carrying
moderate sized trees

Dead dry fallen portions of trees

Sitting in the tree
not quite yet
Climbing down the hill to the creek
no, especially not with a toddler on my back

She feels like a soft warm living backpack
that squeals when her hair brushes
a low branch Squeezing with knees toes
and arms she holds me as I walk

My dear girl thinks
her momma is a horse
or an elephant

She yells, “BUUUURD” as
a buzzard flies above us
She never sees the herons fly silently by.
A squirrel excites her, “I GET SQWER?”

No baby, not today
A beetle on a tree
fascinates the three year old
Well it fascinates the forty-six year old too.

I missed her the other day
when I caught a snake
She will call it, “NAKE!”

(She boards the school bus without assistance
she doesn’t know how much she has grown)

I woke up my brooding young man
and had him snap a picture for Girlie
He was not in the mood to be manhandled
Yes both of them

I relocated him to the back yard
No, just the snake
My Silent Sentinel is allowed inside
though turning seventeen has made him broody

I wish so many things for this child of mine
Humor, even keel emotions and patience
with us all as we evolve into adults

I can ask right?


4 thoughts on “Update on things

    1. She qualified for preschool since she has a developmental delay from the epilepsy medication. She started at age three and gets speech and occupational therapy. She’s talking up a storm, but has all the little kids on the bus wrapped around her little fingers. Sometimes her big brother carries her on the bus if he can get up in time for the 6:41 pick up time.

      Girlie graduated from the Help Me Grow program to an IEP in preschool. I had no idea kids could have an IEP in preschool. It’s free at the local public school two days a week.

      The weather makes a difference.

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      1. An Individual Education Plan entitles her to assistance tailored to her needs. She has a documented developmental disability which means she gets speech therapy and some occupational therapy at pre-school. I don’t have to be the one alone to teach her how to speak clearly.

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