My art has been in my head
more than in my hands these days

Grabbing a handful of kentucky bluegrass
winding through the stick trellis
I notice a vine that meanders
into the green with red veins

The urge to pull falters as I
cultivate another found plant
for my ever expanding cottage garden

Of course, Margaret calls my garden- art
(my dear friend and accomplice in all things
garden, art, teaching and child rearing)

Little things contribute
to the essence of forest

What I really enjoy is the short
time it takes for a potted plant
to become an established resident in the soil

A determined plant will send roots
through the drain holes of a pot
burrowing a firm anchor to the frostline

Broadcasting dominance through
runners and shoots of yellow and light green
on the other side of a stepping stone

How did it jump over there?
Time sunlight and rainwater create
faster than I can move things around.



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