IMG_4235IMG_4577IMG_4610So, instead of dipping the flower stems in wax and setting it alight, I thought it would be a good idea to dry the flowers and shake it liberally over the whole shallow garden.  The Silent Sentinel calls it the genitalia plant.img_4288.jpgI actually did plant lettuce, kale and arugula, it’s just very small and overshadowed by strawberry leaves.IMG_4740Not what I was hoping would grow, but better than last year’s chamomile cousin that smelled sweet but spread like thistle.

Look at that monster cloud of sweet smelling weed in front of the poor deer. NOT chamomile



I could blame the squirrels, but they never enter the realm of the chipmunks.


2 thoughts on “Garden

    1. Thank you! I was able to eat some of the tiny strawberries I had in those hanging torture pots. They were so heavy I had to fill them with filler then repack them. I ate maybe ten strawberries, an all time high! Woo hoo! I’m going to attempt potting the berries next year in regular pots so I have a chance to eat one normal sized berry. the plants are still very healthy, pretty even, but useless unless they flower again. I just read an article and it says that I’m supposed to not pick my strawberries the the first year as it will help produce better in future years. I wonder if they meant the 2nd and 3rd years as well. One day, I will eat a fully grown fresh strawberry that I grew in my yard.

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