This morning I entered into Blogland
Bleary, blurry eyed, but full of words
My dreams bleed into the morning winds
The moist air of Ohio tells me
of another humid day to come
wishing for a working air conditioner
in this house when I know I should
just do laundry in the chill of the basement.

Cleaning calls me and repels me simultaneously.
The basement requires an attention span I do not possess.

Sheldon’s post email notification pops up twice
in the upper right hand corner of my oldbook pro.
Some pro I am. Not updating for fear of loss.
“Chicken, buck-buck-buck, buck-ahck!”

I have lost images from the first year of Girlie’s life.
I have to check the backup of my backup.
See the comment above about my attention span.

I mosey over to visit Sheldon and write a comment
about life as an artist.
We neurotic folk.

Let’s form a club:
WNF of Ohio.
Wee nifty friends.
Wanderers need feet.
We never falter (for long.)
Water never finishes…
Whims never felt (so good)

Ms. Toy Whisperer was next
my last blog was inspired by her humor.

I recognized Visionarie Kindness’
Glory in this morning
the birds rains winds
speak their secrets.

GolNaran liked a post then I fell into her site
Music and art such a beautiful combination illustrated with love
My love of prismacolor color pencils and ebony pencils springs to mind
but she actually uses them, I remember them and dream about using them.
The smooth blending of colors without the “scratch-scratch” of hard pigment.

Sure, I talk about my sensory child Girlie.
We are all sensory processing creatures at birth.
Everything is new, bright and shiny.
Sounds are clear, loud, subtle and persistent.
So overwhelming you stop and stare.
Walk a class of five year olds to the bathroom,
you may never arrive.

Says the mother artist musician gardener bare feet
with her hands in the compost smelling soil
touching worms that startle and jump
flexing and twisting to escape the
imminent beak of death that flies in
but my fingers wait and
scoop it up depositing
the startled thing
into a pot of clay
soil that needs

Time to go.
is gone.


2 thoughts on “Entering

    1. You’re welcome. I wanted to show that I know everyone is out there and appreciated. I don’t have as much time as I would like to write in the mornings, since I sleep better now. Woo hoo!

      It may take me a year to cycle through, but I want to try… 🙂


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