(*In response to Ms. Toy Whisperer’s post, “Unleashed”)

With the boys
daycare did the dirty deed
like toy soldiers
they followed the potty line

I’m at a loss
she’s potty trained at school
NOT at home
We must be bonding over pee and poop

At home
She is the baby. She calls herself, “Baby”
Third person from a toddler?

“Baby’s turn.
Baby’s plate.
Baby’s cat.
Baby’s diaper.”

Her sense of self is firmly established.
I get it.
She is three, an individual with wants needs and power
over her bodily functions.

“Girlie, time to go potty.”
Never ask a toddler when their answer will be most definitely,

We do the deed
enter the room
drop drawers
placing said toddler on toilet

then nothing

As her toddler tush touches the toilet
she sings, “All done!”
and slides off to wash her hands.
Sing songingly, she says,
“Your turn!”

“Mommy, you go potty?”
Round brown eyes innocently look at me.
“Thumbs up Mommy, good job”
Big smile and a crinkle of laughter in her eyes.
“Pee all done? Tissue wipe, fwush, wash hands.”
Matter of fact, let’s get this done. She’s all business.

I’ve been trained by a toddler.
I love this girl!



Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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