Saturday, I turned 47.
A day earlier, ESR turned 20.
Monday my mom turns 72.

That’s a whole bunch of Leos.
My herd came over to visit.
I guess it was a party.

Everybody talking at once.
Girlie bouncing off the couch
My brothers called to wish me “happy aging.”

I’m having that sinking problem again.
It’s not warm enough, there’s not enough sun
I’m afraid to be seen by the neighbors.

Funny, add hormones and
my mood took a dive.
Well, yeah.

I’ve received a new medication
to add to my psychiatric cocktail

I’m still getting lost
when I drive to my doctor’s office
in the big city.

Maybe this will help with the
confusion anxiety and
diminished attention span.

I’ve been on low level
estrogen to control the
monthly agony and bloodletting

It is working.
Let it be known that on this day,
the sixth of August in the year
Two thousand and seventeen,
Something worked and I acknowledged it.
In writing.

My period was
not painful
not gory
did not require diapers.

The current problem is
will my secondary insurance cover it?
It costs $150 per month.

I laughed when I heard the figure.
I decided that I wanted a
fruit cake for my birthday

My Bear found two bunt cake
molds at Goodwill
bought bananas, grapes,
oranges, pineapple, strawberry

ESR and his girlfriend, Hummingbird,
went shopping for
the missing ingredients
kiwi, blueberry and pears

Layers of fruit went into the mold
I cleared a large area in the freezer
Then I added, pineapple, pear and orange juice.

The question is
How do we get it out of the mold?
Rinse in cool water to get it to release from the mold?

It’s like the largest frozen bunt cake ever!!!IMG_5370IMG_5369


9 thoughts on “Happy Aging!

  1. Birthday blessings! I just had my 50 + some odd years not too long ago. And though it can be a “lovely” (spoken sarcastically) time in a woman’s life, I am discovering it truly is a lovely time in my life. I find myself aging gracefully despite the issues of getting older. The seasoning of getting older makes life much more palatable.

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