WordPress tells me it
has been three years since the
beginning of my wandering blog.

Three years ago, I had a
happy baby with gurgling skills
Now, bubbly Girlie is talking like a pro.

Responding to sentences is
still rough. She answers,
with “I Girlie” to most questions.

Sometimes an “I three,” slips out
with a couple fingers and a thumb raised.
She’s doing well.

My summer with her has
been long, but fruitful.

The demise of our fish I blame on
a crazy straw wielded with vigor
spurred by watching Pinocchio’s fish Cleo
spinning in the fishbowl
one time too many.

The cartoon classics are realistic,
yet not as much gore or anime sexuality.
I prefer Betty Boop to Orihime Inoue

Pinocchio and Bambi had Girlie exclaiming,
“Mommie, you’re alive”. Disturbing at first,
but come on now this is not Telly Tubbies or
(she shudders) Barney.

The water table will never be the same
She has dumped my penny collection
in it for the sound and the feeling
of cold wet metal.

Does this mean she’ll want to be a
she demon bike riding in the rain?
Or, just a kid who likes walk in rain hoping
to find or drop pennies and watch them go “plop.”

The newly filled sandbox
A girl of many skirts, all worn at the same time.

A good companion, she reads facial
expressions, for good or bad,
Girlie says, “Mommy’s crying”
Or, asks, “You okay?”

The answer is always a hug.


7 thoughts on “Three year anniversary

    1. A bit drugged, like I’m spinning my wheels. No more pseudo seizures or huge panic attacks, just almost working on things. I’ve been doing a lot of the paperwork, where I prefer to be playing with fire and metal. The funny thing about ant anxiety medication is that too much creates complacency. I have a deadline and I feel like, “I have enough time”. The reality is that I’m running out of time quickly. I guess this is the new normal. Don’t panic, wait for the brick to come flying through the window, while smiling looking in the other direction. Big cyber hugs to you Calen!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They’ve stuck me on Zoloft as I’m getting ready to come of the prednisone for Myasthenia Gravis in case things go south and I don’t handle it well. Lowest dose. Don’t feel any different. Was sooo hoping I would….


      2. Maybe that’s the point, they want you stable, not worse. Plus, zoloft takes a while to really kick in. It is a subtle anti depressant. Not a hard hitter like Paxil. I’m sending a hug your way. I’m sorry it’s taking so long to feel better-ish.


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