Wake up
Roll over
yawn like a baby
feet on floor
stand up
walk to the bathroom

shower on hot
find underwear
walk into the steam
find t-shirt
clean glasses though
mini drops of water coat my lenses

find pants
stand in the shower
look for a towel
shiver drip on the floor
hot water pounds on my back
my back does not hurt

I don’t have a washcloth, sigh.

Lather feels like the softest
silk against my skin before it
was calloused from work, burns and cuts.
I cut my finger yesterday
as I smashed ceramics
for a mosaic

I knew it was going to happen
The blood welled up over my knuckle
and around the edge of my third fingernail.
Using the hose to rinse my wound
I wondered, “Will I need stitches?”
“How long is it?”

There’s no blood on the broken mug,
so it must not be that deep
Apply pressure and wait/weight
redundant I’m worried about my weight
I’ve gained fifty pounds.
Yes, yes, no one really cares.

Paxil pounds are no joke
at 47 years old.
My hormones have forsaken me.

Ha ha ha ha the tiny,
fake blue hormones I take
make me a little less friendly,
angry red actually
and more absentminded, though
grass green in flavor.

I have those wonder periods
2-3 days then nothing other than
Uterine twitching.
It used to be a sure sign
of pregnancy for me.
I was concerned- no, panicked.

The little test told me no.
My body shows me what I remember to be
the 4-5 months pregnant belly of babies past.
Just joking.
My body thinks it is funny.

I get overwhelmed so I garden.
I forgot the tomatoes…

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4 thoughts on “I’m Overwhelmed

    1. Thank you! I did a paper/report on Virginia Woolf when I was younger. Can’t remember if it was AP English or a project during college. I had to reel myself in with the bloody discussion. I get preoccupied but things get too graphic pretty quickly in my head. How are you feeling today? {{{Hugs}}}

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I’d say you really gravitated to that style. You ARE a wonderful writer! I’m having a streak of good days. Coming off the prednisone around the 22nd, then I’ll have to find a new norm again, I suspect. 😦 Love ya, girl!

        Liked by 1 person

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