Thanks Sheldon for your prompt:

A left and right mirror image
make things everyday:
hugs are real good
pat pat pat, belch
smile and remember
children held in hands.

We greet with a handshake
“How do you do” “How are you?”
“So nice to meet you.”
Pleasantries made awkward
if hands were replaced by shoed feet,
“Oww-oww, get off, GO AWAY!”

I make paintings with Girlie
teaching her to trace her shoes
in the driveway with chalk
switching from left to right hand
She’s a lefty, I’m an ambidextrous
human as we were in utero.
Thanks Sheldon for your prompt.

I made this collage for you.
I found this cut-out and thought I
had to try to emulate your style.Shhhhh


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