Gardening and sculpture have been
bosom buddies since way back.

A tree with a goddess gesturing
a cornucopia, horn o’plenty
fruits and vegetables cascading
carved marble frozen in time.

How wonderful would the grapes
have been, green or red
mini bombs of luscious flavor.

The peaches ripe juicy
golden orange plump orbs
with a slight fuzz telling
you the fresh produce has a
sweet aroma on the tongue
even present before your first bite.

An apple red with a hint of
green and leaf next to a pear
soft and ready for paring.

Broccoli and cauliflower compliment
each other’s full bouquet
A bounty unrivaled by cabbages
red light-green and ruffled.

Potatoes white gold red and brown
from the ground a mountain of nutrients
hidden by the fertile soils.

A squash holding all varieties
would be a pleasure
golden-tan, green, yellow and orange
to store for winter soups.

Slender green beans entwined
crisp as sweet peas
give the crunchy essence of
freshness trapped forever in stasis.

Wish for Aphrodite, Priapus, Dionysis or Demeter
statues broadcasting fertility through plants
agriculture and food without them in myths
we would be for naught.

Flower sculpture
Seed spuds going back into the ground



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