No, not a metaphorical
festival of life, but
a real art festival.

Three days of O MY GOSH
artwork all day long.


There were downsides
and upsides more smiles
and laughs than frowns.

Now, I have to unpack
and get back to some
semblance of a schedule.

Thursday I was greeted
with a hug and a dome next to
the space I was to work in.

The dome I later learned
was for the cold live butterflies
mailed in from Michigan.

We opened the boxes of flattened
envelopes and discovered the
glory of hibernating butterflies.

Breathing humid air upon them,
their wings shifted and twitched
waking from an unnatural sleep.

I never knew butterflies
could travel flat rate…


Friday I arrived to see that my
set up had been shifted, so I
went with the flow and adapted.

What is three days in the
schema(1) of a lifetime.
Does it really matter if my sculpture
was here or there.

Sometimes the English language
sends me on a journey into my memory
of an art professor who used
the word schema a lot in design class.

(I wish I could post a photo of Alot
I could never do it justice so
it’s best if you just follow this link.)

Saturday came and we
realized the temperatures
climbed up into the 90’s.

I gave up on my welding jacket
and settled on an undershirt.

My claim to fame now is a
“Tweet from a man on the street”
shows me and a lot more cleavage than

I’m accustomed to, but hey
it was 90 degrees over asphalt ground and
not enough winds off the lake.

Sunday I was dragging
I never enjoy driving long distances
but because My Bear and my Ex

seemed to be on the same
insanity cycle I had to keep
driving home to check up on
Girlie and My Child.

My Eldest Surly Reverie and the
Silent Sentinel helped me with
the festival. They enjoyed
smashing bottle caps with hammers
Who wouldn’t?

Somebody ask me about the probability of
butterfly death from welding next to
a mesh covered butterfly dome.

It essentially ended the welding before it began.

It’s not the volume of cars but the velocity at which they travel that makes me nervous.

Monday was the last leg on
a trip through the desert
filled with angry rush hour drivers

and one very sleep deprived me.
I opted for safe travel.
I called my mom who met me half way
and drove my car back to the festival site.

We dug up my pop up garden and
made it look like a traveling metal circus
had never set up shop in a former salvage yard.

Thursday and now
Friday left me stunned
basking in the soreness of
having dived in to life as you
know it in the waning fortieth decade
of my life. Did I have fun? Well, yes!

1.schema |ˈskēmə|
noun ( pl. schemata |-mətə| or schemas ) technical
a representation of a plan or theory in the form of an outline or model: a schema of scientific reasoning.
• Logic a syllogistic figure.
• (in Kantian philosophy) a conception of what is common to all members of a class; a general or essential type or form.
ORIGIN late 18th cent. (as a term in philosophy): from Greek skhēma ‘form, figure.’ Apple Dictionary Version 2.2.1 (143.1)© 2005-2011 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.



4 thoughts on “So the festival is over

    1. It’s amazing what I was able to find, as I cleaned my garage/studio. Still a mess, but I have momentum now and I’ve got to keep going as long as the weather holds up. Thank you for the support, Sheldon! Big hugs to you.


  1. You sound so stoked! I’m so glad to hear you feeling up and creative. And so what if someone tweeted a picture of you working away. You were doing what you are gifted for! You go, girl!!! Now you need to chill out for at least a week! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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