So I spent November
aiding sick people,
I know them well – my children

Of course it started with
preparations for the holiday
then a visit from my Eldest Surly Reverie
who was feverish and phlegmy
(Yeah, that is a word)

I forgot to mention My Bear’s father
(I guess I should call him Senior Bear)
came to fix the hole our kitchen floor
and somehow half the kitchen and dining room floors
were remove and replaced while dust flew all over the house

The skeleton of a kitchen cabinet is miraculously
holding up the counter top and the new sink that
after two months of install, swearing and snaking,
finally drains

The Silent Sentinel got his wisdom teeth removed
(it took 15 minutes-wow technology…
No, this was pure skill)
He was feeling no pain at all
The pain killer made him feel “weird”
so he refused it after two days
hardly any swelling,
just blood, lots of blood

The holiday arrived:
(You want me to cook what?
Where are the instructions?
Is it a pre-cooked ham?
I have to open it to read the directions?
That just sounds messy.

It was.
The brown sugar sauce pack exploded
in the second layer of the packaging.
There’s always a mesh bag encased in all that plastic.
I opened the carcass in the sink
before transferring it to a roaster.
Cooked for two and a half hours, it was pretty good.
Can you guess I’m not too fond of ham for Thanksgiving?)

Then nausea hit us all
Girlie missed pre-k for most of November
The Silent Sentinel, slept for a couple days
My Bear moaned and groaned
I tried to sterilize the house
while cough sneeze ejecting everything I ate
Water tasted really good, I lost weight
None of us had fevers
We just felt like crap

My Child avoided the virus we all had,
but he had a cough,
that never went away or got better.
The resident basketball player, thrives
on exercise with other sweaty boys
Fine! I’m happy.
Adjusting to the not so new school, finally.
Then he flipped out on a teacher
and got suspended for five days.

What was my point?
Life has been busy.
I’ve been reading and reading.
The garden stalled
The snow has fallen
Hibernation sets in.


4 thoughts on “So I spent November

  1. We have been having the flip-floppy weather here in Chicago, too. My sinuses are a wreck. Thanksgiving was really nice with some old friends. Thank you for asking! I will be praying for you.

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    1. I commiserate with you about sinuses. Thanks for the prayers. This weather makes me miss the 1970’s and 80’s. Winter hit in October and that was it until spring. Now the temperatures wobble and rise sporadically. At least my bulbs are still in the ground this year. Happy winds off the lake to you, Liz!

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