When I have a day
that just plain sucks
I need to do something
proactive to help me
feel less useless

Cause nothing is empowering
like washing dishes or doing laundry

I want to make a statement
about my worth
proving that I exist outside
my little teeny tiny itty bitty bubble.

I stop to water my succulent plants
living dangerously in the fishtank
I found on the side of the road.
Think like a plant…hmm

If I could sprout a leaf
that filled with fluids and
remain attached to my stem
that would be momentous,
significant and earth-shaking
If a human could grow a green stem.

Imagine a green lump protruding
from my back that grows taller,
sprouts glorious leaves and
blooms a sunflower.
I would have bees and
hummingbirds following me around.
Or not, because that’s just creepy.

Sigh, I am going back under my rock
with my Kindle Fire to hide from
my anxiety and depression, pain,
extended respiratory illness,
my ex husband and his new girlfriend,
and this godforsaken winter weather.

Feel free to join me in my hibernation
All are welcome.

(Yes, I’m talking to you Sheldon.) 


2 thoughts on “A day

  1. I try to counter balance the day
    And feel the gratitude and not just the pain,I know there’s a lot more to Sheldon,Its just getting use to the new normal,starting again at 64 you’ve got to be a magician, slight of hand and never tell them how the trick is done, chronic is stereo and I hear it both my ears,I know I’m not the only one,I don’t own the rights to pain,I fell twice yesterday,its been happening more,dealing with Dr everyday and remembering that you are the king and they don’t rule,its
    Important for me to write about and get it out,pulling the covers over my head hoping it will when it won’t,I am a soldier of one in an army of the few
    Big cyber Hugs
    Thanx for caring
    As Sheldon Always

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