Venom spewing
is a description of one of my angry letters.
This is not the letter obviously.
Mama bear can get angry when
defending her cubs against
anyone she sees to be
a real threat.

My ex.

I won’t play the game
I don’t like the moving goal posts
I love my children and can’t believe what
he does in the name of love for his sons in the name
of hate for his ex-wife. Fostering sibling rivalry should be a criminal act.
Will it make them
strong? How

2 thoughts on “Why sleep when I could write a letter instead.

    1. Welcome to the never ending cycle of saying one thing to me on the phone, but saying the reverse (negative) to the kids. It appears that I have lied to them, when I haven’t. He plays favorites, then says I do the same. I love all my children. The older two have figured their father out. The youngest doesn’t realize that he is a pawn. He believes that love comes with servitude, presents and no consequences. He is a little man.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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