Wait patiently
and good things
come to you
wrapped up in
juicy packages.

I abducted a
spider’s web
the other day
and gave it
to a snake
we were observing
for the week.

(That beats me
crawling around
looking for spiders
in all of my corners,
though it does solve
an issue.)

I like to feed
our temporary
visitors. The
web was filled
with live trapped prey,

I twisted the web
on a stick and
dinner was presented
to the garter snake.

Today, we need to
release it back into
the yard. Girlie is
quite gentle and
fascinated with
spiders and
else living in
her sphere of
the world.

(Yes, I do realize that
for the spider, I must have
given it a sense of, “didn’t
I just, have a web full
of live flies, midges and
mosquitoes. What the….?”

For the bugs in the web
their fate was sealed.
Eaten by an orb spider or
eaten by a garter snake.
I did leave a tail of the
web, so creating a new web
was not going to be a
hardship- said the giantess.

For the snake,
Amanuensis has
committed the
great forest
alien abduction,
without too much
trauma I hope.



Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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