He woos her with stares
and lowered glances
a subtle smile that
meets his eyes.

She dreams of what could
should be when?
soon she hopes.

His love is direct, visceral
hers indirect and all encompassing.

Not faults, just ways of being
now and in her dreams.


Kindling for a bonfire
needs leaves, twigs,
branches and logs.

You can’t keep a fire lit with a match and a leaf
Stoke the flame, blow on it so it burns bright
add dry pine cones, step back when it ignites
sparks burn, so take care and add twigs
gently careful not to smother
what you have started
turn charred logs
to ignite


Maintenance requires
some wiring and a thermostat.
Is it getting hotter or colder.
Do we turn it up?
Or, is the electric bill
too high this month.

Can you afford to
sweat indoors this winter?
It’s all about priorities.

His name is spark

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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